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I have received a bill from Bell Canada for the past year with charges on it that include all three taxes: GST, PST, & HST. I have inquired about this improper billing procedure and was told by a rep that an inquiry will be made and appropriate action will be taken to remove the improper billing.

To date we have seen no difference in the billing and when I inquire about it it get the same response, they "will look into it".

How do they get away with this without crediting the GST and PST? Why aren't they correcting this? I would think that most Canadians (or people in general for that matter) don't savour the idea of paying the taxes that are imposed by law already let alone paying for something that isn't even legit anymore.

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Perth, Ontario, Canada #663967

After they wrongly charged me for not returning the equipment to them (since I decided to keep the service..BIG MISTAKE) I asked them to correct my bill. They couldn't even correct it properly..

they tried removing the 600$ charge but LEFT THE TAX OF OVER 100$ IN THE BILL!


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